Edward and Mary Hills/Thomas and Irene DeCaro House Remodeling


E. R. and Mary Hills House Remodeling

Date: 1900
Address: 313 Forest Avenue, Oak Park, IL
City: Oak Park, Illinois
Category: Residential
Accessibility: Private
Restoration status: Rebuilt after fire in 1976

In 1900, Wright’s client, Nathan Moore, purchased the house neighboring his own as a gift for his daughter, Mary, and her husband Edward R. Hills. Wright subsequently remodeled the 1883 building. His modifications entailed reorienting the structure on its site, the addition of two verandas on the first floor, and finishing the exterior of the house in stucco with dark wood trim. The Hills house caught fire during a restoration project in 1976, and much of the first floor was burned down. The house has since been painstakingly rebuilt.

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