Designing a Better World

A New Vision for Education at the Trust

Under the guiding theme, Designing a Better World, the Trust introduces its new education initiative. Central to Frank Lloyd Wright’s unique vision for American architecture, was the idea that architecture and design can shape and improve the way we live. The Designing a Better World initiative brings architecture and design principles into classrooms, libraries and community centers.

Integrating design in the classroom provides a strong platform for learning across curriculum, helping students apply skills in math, science, technology, reading, writing and communication to practical situations. It encourages students to be inventive, to harness creativity, and to propose relevant solutions that effect positive change in the world they live.

Components of the program include:

  • A dynamic range of design-based in-school programs that ignite curiosity and nurture individual vision and design creativity. Programs will be aligned with Common Core standards

  • On and off-site youth and family programs that inspire participants to think critically about the designed world around them and tap into their own capacity to enact change

  • Designed to give educators the tools to create meaningful design-based learning activities that can be integrated into a wide variety of curricula, the Trust’s Educators’ Forum will provide resources and enrichment that build awareness of Wright’s uniquely American design philosophy and foster teaching skills that encourage individual vision and design creativity.

  • A rich collection of online educational resources that build awareness of Frank Lloyd Wright’s uniquely American legacy of architecture and design in Chicago.

Child attending youth program