spaghetti and marshmellow structureWright at Home: Spaghetti Structures
Explore your engineering skills as you use spaghetti and marshmallows to build a sturdy structure.  More >


scissorsWright at Home: Recycled Building Blocks
Experiment with form and color with these recycled building blocks. More >


brushesWright at Home: DIY Nature Brushes
Be inspired by the world of nature and create DIY paint brushes from found natural materials. More >


textile patternsWright at Home: Textile Patterns
Look to Wright's textile designs for inspiration as you use paper weaving to create your own design. More >


geometric flowersWright at Home: Geometric Flowers
Use flowers as a starting point to create your own geometric plant designs. More >


gargoyleWright at Home: Eye Spy Architecture
Enjoy some family time outside on a neighborhood walk with this architectural scavenger hunt. More >


stop motion photographyWright at Home: Geometry in Motion
Use geometric shapes to create a stop motion animation. More >


bird feederWright at Home: Architectural Bird Feeders
Build a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired feeder for the birds in your garden! More >


fruitsWright at Home: Painting with Nature
Experiment with natural materials at home to make your own dyes to paint with. More >


art glass sidewalkWright at Home: Art Glass Sidewalk
Experiment with color, geometry and patterns as you create your own Art Glass Sidewalk. More >


patterns in architectureWright at Home: Patterns in Architecture
Repeating shapes and patterns unify the design of Wright's buildings. Collaborate with a friend and create your own geometric patterns. More >


colorfully designed eggs in cartonWright at Home: Exploring Colors in Nature
Frank Lloyd Wright brought architecture and nature together by designing with natural materials and colors. Explore the outdoors and see what colors you can find! More >


clay fernWright at Home: Texture Stamps
Explore texture as you make impressions of natural and human-made materials. More >


design windowsWright at Home: Holiday Windows
Be inspired to create an art glass window design that represents your favorite holiday. More >


snowflakesWright at Home: Wright-Inspired Snowflakes
Explore geometry in nature and use simple shapes and symmetry to design snowflakes. More >