Learning Kits

The Trust’s rentable learning kits provide all the hands-on materials needed to bring Frank Lloyd Wright and design to your classroom. Each themed kit includes objects and materials that connect to resources and lessons available at teachingbydesign.org. Pair the kit with an online lesson or use the materials for your own design activity. Kits should be reserved at least 1 month in advance with a credit card. Additional charges apply for out-of-state shipping.

Fee: $60 per week (includes in-state shipping)

Building Blocks of Architecture

This learning kit is customizable and can include a combination of different building blocks. Choose from Froebel® blocks (Froebel Gifts 3-6), 3-D Pentominoes, or mixed LEGOs. The number of block and Pentomino sets is limited to 30 sets a kit. LEGO pieces are sent in gallon sized bags. Lessons, figure sheets, images, and videos are available online.

Froebel® is a registered trademark of Froebel USA.

Art Glass Design Kit

Explore Wright’s iconic art glass designs with hand held samples students can touch, peer through, and hold up to the light. This learning kit includes 5 different samples of art glass, as well as tissue paper and black construction paper students can use to create their own unique designs. Further resources and lesson ideas are available online.