The Trust's John G. Thorpe Restoration Resource Center is an extensive archive of resources for the conservation, restoration and preservation of historic buildings. The restoration resource center is a membership benefit available to all members of the Trust.

From the award-winning restoration of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Oak Park Home and Studio, to the present restoration of Wright’s Prairie style masterpiece, the Frederick C. Robie House, the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust has been a leader in the field of historic preservation for over forty years.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Trust is committed to helping historic property owners preserve their own sites. With decades of experience in the care and management of Wright buildings, the Trust has amassed a wealth of information on subjects ranging from paint finishes and millwork restoration, to leaded glass and furniture conservation.

Consultation services include:

  • Detailed information on the interior and exterior finishes, leaded glass, and furniture of Wright’s Prairie years
  • Advice on historic building care and maintenance
  • Extensive records of paint samples from the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio, Unity Temple and Robie House
  • Archival samples (plaster fragments, wood trim, roofing, piping, doors, masonry, leaded glass, etc.) that assist with researching original and replacement building materials
  • Advice on products, suppliers and materials
  • Access to a network of preservation specialists, including architects, conservators and craftspeople

Restoration Research Center hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 10 am – 2 pm

Consultations can be scheduled by e-mail, telephone or in-person. To contact the restoration resource center, please call 312.994.4034 or email

Studio façade, Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio. Photo: James Caulfield