Drafting Room, Frank Lloyd Wright Home and StudioWright spent the first twenty years of his career working in Chicago and its suburbs. His experiences in the city would have a profound influence on his architecture. Listed here are the projects designed and built by Wright during his Chicago years. The buildings appear chronologically, dated by their original drawings.

  1. Frank Lloyd Wright Home, 1889, Oak Park, Illinois

    During his tenure at Adler and Sullivan, Wright supplemented his salary by undertaking several independent commissions.

  2. W. S. MacHarg House, 1891, Chicago, Illinois
  3. George Blossom House, 1892, Chicago, Illinois
  4. W. Irving Clark House, 1892, La Grange, Illinois
  5. Robert Emmond House, 1892, La Grange, Illinois
  6. Thomas Gale House, 1892, Oak Park, Illinois
  7. Dr. Allison Harlan House,1892, Chicago, Illinois
  8. Warren McArthur House, 1892, Chicago, Illinois
  9. Robert Parker House, 1892, Oak Park, Illinois

    In 1893, Wright left his position as head draftsman at Adler and Sullivan. From his studio workroom on the second floor of his Oak Park Home, Wright began his own architectural practice, soon taking office space in the Schiller Building in downtown Chicago.

  10. Walter Gale House, 1893, Oak Park, Illinois
  11. Robert Lamp Summer Cottage, 1893, “Rocky Roost”, Governor’s Island, Lake Mendota, Madison, Wisconsin
  12. Mendota Boathouse, 1893, Lake Mendota, Madison, WI
  13. William Winslow House, 1893, River Forest, Illinois
  14. Francis Wooley House, 1893, Oak Park, Illinois
  15. Frederick Bagley House, 1894, Hinsdale, Illinois
  16. Dr. H.W. Bassett (remodel), 1894, Oak Park, Illinois
  17. Peter Goan House, 1894, La Grange, Illinois
  18. Four Houses for Robert Roloson, 1894, Chicago, Illinois
  19. Francis Apts. for the Terre Haute Trust Co., 1895, Chicago, Illinois
  20. Luxfer Prisms, 1895
  21. Nathan G. Moore House, 1895, Oak Park, Illinois
  22. Apartment Building for Edward C. Waller, 1895, Chicago, Illinois
  23. Francisco Terrace for Edward C. Waller, 1895, Chicago, Illinois
  24. Chauncey Williams House, 1895, River Forest, Illinois
  25. Expansion of the Frank Lloyd Wright Home, 1895, Oak Park, Illinois
  26. Alterations to the Harrison P. Young House, 1895, Oak Park, Illinois
  27. H. C. Goodrich House, 1896, Oak Park, Illinois
  28. Isidore Heller House, 1896, Chicago, Illinois
  29. Charles E. Roberts House, Additions, 1896, Oak Park, Illinois
  30. George Furbeck House, 1897, Oak Park, Illinois

    With funds secured through a contract with the Luxfer Prism Company, Wright built a new studio addition to his Oak Park residence. It was here that Wright pioneered a unique new vision for American architecture, the Prairie style. The Oak Park Studio years were an incredibly prolific period in Wright’s career, with more than a third of his life’s work produced at the site. The same year the Studio opened, Wright relocated his secondary business office downtown to Steinway Hall on Michigan Ave in 1897.

  31. Frank Lloyd Wright Studio, 1897, Oak Park, Illinois
  32. Romeo and Juliet Windmill Tower, 1897, Spring Green, Wisconsin

    From 1898 to 1899, Wright retained secondary business office space at The Rookery Building in downtown Chicago. Wright would work from 8 am to 11 am at the Oak Park Studio before departing for Chicago to receive clients at his office from noon to 2 pm. Evening hours at the Studio were conducted from 7 pm to 9 pm.

  33. Rollin Furbeck House, 1898, Oak Park, Illinois
  34. River Forest Golf Club, 1898, River Forest, Illinois
  35. George Smith House, 1898, Oak Park, Illinois
  36. Joseph Husser House, 1899, Chicago, Illinois
  37. Edward C. Waller House Interior Remodel, 1899, River Forest, Illinois
  38. William and Jesse Adams House, 1900, Chicago, Illinois
  39. B. Harley Bradley House, 1900, Kankakee, Illinois
  40. Stephen A. Foster Summer Cottage, 1900, Chicago, Illinois
  41. Warren Hickox House, 1900, Kankakee, Illinois
  42. E. R. Hills House Remodeling, 1900, Oak Park, Illinois
  43. Fred B. Jones Summerhouse, Gate Lodge, Barn, and Stable, 1900, Lake Delavan, Delavan, Wisconsin
  44. Fred B. Jones Boathouse, 1900, Lake Delavan, Delavan, Wisconsin
  45. Warren McArthur Garage, 1900, Chicago, Illinois
  46. Henry Wallis Summer Cottage, Scheme 2, 1900, Lake Delavan, Delavan, Wisconsin
  47. E. Arthur Davenport House, 1901, River Forest, Illinois
  48. William Fricke House, 1901, Oak Park, Illinois
  49. Frank Henderson House, 1901, Elmhurst, Illinois
  50. Frank Thomas House, 1901, Oak Park, Illinois
  51. Edward C. Waller, Entrance Gates, Poultry House, and Stable, 1901, River Forest, Illinois
  52. T. E. Wilder Stable Building, 1901, Elmhurst, Illinois
  53. Susan Lawrence Dana House, 1902, Springfield, Illinois
  54. Delavan Lake Yacht Club, 1902, Lake Delavan, Delavan, Wisconsin
  55. Mrs. G. E. Gerts Summer Cottage, 1902, Whitehall, Michigan
  56. Walter Gerts Summer Cottage, 1902, Whitehall, Michigan
  57. Dr. A. W. Herbert House, Remodeling, 1902, Evanston, Illinois
  58. Arthur Heurtley House, 1902, Oak Park, Illinois
  59. Arthur Heurtley Summer Cottage, Remodel, 1902, “Les Cheneaux”, Marquette Island, Michigan
  60. Hillside Home School, for Jane and Ellen Lloyd Jones, 1902, Spring Green, Wisconsin
  61. E. H. Pitkin Summer Lodge, 1902, Sapper Island, Desbarats, Ontario, Canada
  62. Charles Ross Summerhouse, 1902, Lake Delavan, Delavan, Wisconsin
  63. George Spencer Summer Cottage, 1902, Lake Delavan, Delavan, Wisconsin
  64. Ward W. Willits House, 1902, Highland Park, Illinois
  65. George Barton House, 1903, Buffalo, New York
  66. Edwin H. Cheney House, 1903, Oak Park, Illinois
  67. W. H. Freeman House, 1903, Hinsdale, Illinois
  68. William R. Heath House, 1903, Buffalo, New York
  69. Robert Lamp House, 1903, Madison, Wisconsin
  70. Larkin Company Administration Building, 1903, Buffalo, New York
  71. Francis W. Little House, 1903, Peoria, Illinois
  72. William E. Martin House, 1903, Oak Park, Illinois
  73. Darwin D. Martin House, 1903, Buffalo, New York
  74. Scoville Park Fountain, 1903, Oak Park, Illinois
  75. J. J. Walser Jr. House, 1903, Chicago, Illinois
  76. Mary M. W. Adams House, 1905, Highland Park, Illinois
  77. Charles A. Brown House, 1905, Evanston, Illinois
  78. E. A. Cummings Real Estate Office, 1905, River Forest, Illinois
  79. E-Z Polish Factory for D. D. Martin and W. E. Martin, 1905, Chicago, Illinois
  80. W. A. Glasner House, 1905, Glencoe, Illinois
  81. Thomas P. Hardy House, 1905, Racine, Wisconsin
  82. Arthur P. Johnson House, 1905, Lake Delavan, Delavan, Wisconsin
  83. Lawrence Memorial Library, 1905, Springfield, Illinois
  84. Darwin D. Martin Gardener’s Cottage, 1905 (revised 1908), Buffalo, New York
  85. The Rookery Building, Alterations, 1905, Chicago, Illinois
  86. Col. Frank L. Smith Bank Building, 1905, Dwight, Illinois
  87. Harvey P. Sutton House, Scheme 3, 1905, McCook, Nebraska
  88. Frederick F. Tomek House, 1905, Riverside, Illinois
  89. Unity Temple, 1905, Oak Park, Illinois
  90. Peter A. Beachy House, 1906, Oak Park, Illinois
  91. K. C. DeRhodes House, 1906, South Bend, Indiana
  92. Mrs. A. W. Gridley House, 1906, Geneva, Illinois
  93. Mrs. P. D. Hoyt House, 1906, Geneva, Illinois
  94. George Madison Millard House, 1906, Highland Park, Illinois
  95. Frederick Nichols House, 1906, Flossmoor, Illinois
  96. Mrs. W. H. Pettit Memorial Chapel, 1906, Belvidere, Illinois
  97. River Forest Tennis Club, 1906, River Forest, Illinois
  98. Burton J. Westcott House, 1906, Springfield, Ohio
  99. George Blossom Garage, 1907, Chicago, Illinois
  100. Avery Coonley House, Stable, and Gardener’s Cottage, 1907, Riverside, Illinois
  101. Col. George Fabyan House Remodel, 1907, Geneva, Illinois
  102. Fox River Country Club, Additions, 1907, Geneva, Illinois
  103. Stephen M. B. Hunt House, 1907, La Grange, Illinois
  104. Larkin Company Exposition Pavilion, Jamestown Tercentenary Exposition, 1907, Norfolk, Virginia
  105. Mrs. E. L. Martin Garage, 1907, Oak Park, Illinois
  106. Pebbles and Balch, Storefront Remodel, 1907, Oak Park, Illinois
  107. Andrew W. Porter House, 1907, “Tanyderi”, Hillside, Wisconsin
  108. Edward E. Boynton House, 1908, Rochester, New York
  109. E. D. Brigham Stable, 1908, Glencoe, Illinois
  110. Browne’s Bookstore, 1908, Chicago, Illinois
  111. Walter V. Davidson House, 1908, Buffalo, New York
  112. R. W. Evans House, 1908, Chicago, Illinois
  113. E. A. Gilmore House, 1908, Madison, Wisconsin
  114. Mrs. L. K. Horner House, 1908, Chicago, Illinois
  115. Meyer S. May House, 1908, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  116. Isabel Roberts House, 1908, River Forest, Illinois
  117. Dr. G. C. Stockman House, 1908, Mason City, Iowa
  118. Frank J. Baker House, 1909, Wilmette, Illinois
  119. Hiram Baldwin House, Scheme 2, 1909, Kenilworth, Illinois
  120. The Bitter Root Inn, 1909, Stevensville, Montana
  121. City National Bank and Hotel, 1909, Mason City, Iowa
  122. Robert D. Clarke Alterations to Stable, 1909, Peoria, Illinois
  123. Como Orchard Land Company Summer Colony , 1909, University Heights, Darby, Montana
  124. Dr. W. H. Copeland House and Garage Alterations, Scheme 2, 1909, Oak Park, Illinois
  125. Mrs. Thomas H. Gale Three Rental Cottages, 1909, Whitehall, Michigan
  126. Mrs. Thomas Gale House, 1909, Oak Park, Illinois
  127. J. Kibben Ingalls House, 1909, River Forest, Illinois
  128. Edward P. Irving House, 1909, Decatur, Illinois
  129. Ingwald Moe House, 1900, Gary, Indiana
  130. Frederick Robie House, 1909, Chicago, Illinois
  131. Oscar M. Steffens House, 1909, Chicago, Illinois
  132. George C. Stewart Summer Cottage, 1909, Montecito, California
  133. Peter C. Stohr Arcade Building, 1909, Chicago, Illinois
  134. Edward C. Waller Bathing Pavilion, 1909, Charlevoix, Michigan
  135. Reverend Jessie R. Ziegler House, 1910, Frankfort, Kentucky
  136. Herbert Angster House, 1911, Lake Bluff, Illinois

    Between September, 1909 and October 1910, Wright spent a year in Europe working on the publication of a substantial monograph of his buildings and projects, the majority of which had been designed in his Oak Park Studio.
    Upon his return he immediately began plans for a new home and studio, Taliesin, which he would build in Spring Green, Wisconsin.

  137. O. B. Balch House, 1911, Oak Park, Illinois
  138. Chicago & Milwaukee Electric Railway Station, 1911, Glencoe, Illinois
  139. Avery Coonley Stable Rebuilding, 1911, Riverside, Illinois
  140. Lake Geneva Hotel, 1911, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
  141. Park Shelter, 1911, Banff, Alberta, Canada
  142. Frank Lloyd Wright House, Studio, and Farm, “Taliesin”, 1911, Spring Green, Wisconsin