• Wright's Chicago Years

    Wright's Chicago Years

    Wright’s architectural principles and ideas were forged amidst the innovative and progressive environment of late-nineteenth-century Chicago.

  • Organic Design

    Organic Design

    Developed in the 1890s when Wright was establishing his architectural practice in Chicago, this visionary design philosophy would inform Wright’s architecture throughout his career.

  • Our Historic Sites

    Our Historic Sites

    With a citywide network of historic Frank Lloyd Wright sites, the Trust offers an unparalleled experience of Wright’s Chicago.

  • Restoration Resource Center

    Restoration Resource Center

    The Frank Lloyd Wright Trust Restoration Resource Center is an extensive archive of resources for the conservation, restoration and preservation of historic buildings.

  • Collections


    Comprising examples of Wright’s earliest furnishings and decorative arts, along with personal effects, correspondence, and photographs, the Trust’s collections detail Wright’s formative years in Chicago.

  • Archives


    Enrich your understanding of Wright’s architecture through these significant repositories of his work.

  • Access and Interact

    Access and Interact

    Expand your experience of Wright’s Chicago through a variety of multimedia features.