All workshops address Common Core Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics, and National Standards in Fine Arts. All programs may be booked through the Trust education department at 708.725.3828.

Single Session Workshops

Froebel Blocks


In the early nineteenth century, Friedrich Froebel, a German educator, developed a series of educational “toys” to introduce children to pattern-making, beauty, harmony, aesthetics, and structure.  The influence of the Froebel education system is evident in modern artists and architects from Klee and Kandinsky to Mies van der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright. The blocks influenced Wright’s creation of the Prairie style of architecture.  When Wright was in his eighties, he stated that he could still feel the Froebel blocks in his fingers.

In a single-session workshop, participants are introduced to the geometric shapes that underlie nature, art and design; they then work with the shapes to create both two- and three-dimensional structures.  They experience principles of balance, tension, composition, symmetry and asymmetry, and spatial relationships.  The workshop also includes a brief illustrated discussion of Frank Lloyd Wright and his work.

Recommended for grades K-8.

Fee: $60 per one-hour workshop
Round-trip mileage additional

The Wright 3 Virtual Tour and Pentomino Workshop


The characters in The Wright 3, a tween mystery novel by best-selling author Blue Balliett, used three-dimensional pentominos as their inspiration in solving the mystery. Pentominos are geometric puzzle pieces which can be used to build, design, solve problems and learn to think critically. Workshop participants enjoy The Wright 3 virtual tour, an interactive presentation and discussion focusing on The Wright 3 tour of Wright’s Robie House, the setting for the popular book, and a hands-on session with the pentominos.

Recommended for grades 3-8.

Fee: $60 or $90 (when combined with a Froebel block workshop) per class
Round-trip mileage additional

Art Glass Done Wright

Art Glass Done Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright designed art glass windows and doors for his Prairie style buildings. Known as “light screens,” these intricate geometric designs of colored and clear glass afford both beauty and privacy to his residential designs.  In this 90-minute workshop, students are introduced to a variety of Wright’s art glass designs and explore his interest in the forms of nature. Students then create their own art glass designs using tracing paper, colored pencils, construction paper, and examples of Wright’s patterns.  Concepts of symmetry and asymmetry are a focus of the design process. 

Recommended for grades 2-6.

Fee: $90 per class
Round-trip mileage additional

Multi-session Workshops

Reading, Writing, and Robie House

Reading, Writing and Robie House

Based on the best- selling tween mystery novel The Wright 3 by Blue Balliett, this workshop incorporates literacy skills, math practice, visual art skills, and design functions.  The project begins with a teacher-led reading of The Wright 3, followed by a field trip to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House, the setting for the novel. Our education staff then begin a series of sessions in which they introduce students to architectural vocabulary and the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, conduct a Froebel block workshop, and guide students in designing a structure, creating a scaled floorplan drawing, and building a poster board model.  The project ends with a school exhibit of the students’ work.

8-10 one hour sessions
Recommended for grades 4-8

Fee:$1500 per class
Includes a set of paperback novels, the bus for the field trip, and all materials and instruction.

Build It Wright

Build it Wright

This 8-10 session workshop incorporates math, architecture and design, and English language arts to enable students to create an original floorplan to scale and build a poster board model.  Students are introduced to architectural concepts and vocabulary through visual presentations and observations on a neighborhood walk, then explore further through a workshop with the Froebel blocks.  A field trip to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House allows students to experience the space of an innovative interior design and apply their new knowledge to the design of an original structure.  The project culminates in an exhibition of the students’ work at their school.

Recommended for grades 3-8.

Fee: $1200 per class
Includes the bus for the field trip and all materials and instruction.

Focus on Japan

Focus on Japan

Students explore the unique influence of Japanese prints and art on Frank Lloyd Wright’s design style. Classrooms are loaned a collection of Japanese prints and artifacts for the duration of the program which are used to learn about Wright’s Japanese influences and how modern artists cultivate their influences and find inspiration. The workshop includes a field trip to Wright’s Robie House to experience his unique design, and a special drawing lesson based on Japanese prints which Wright often used with his apprentices.  The program concludes with each student’s creation of a block print.

8-10 sessions.

Recommended for grades 4-8.

Fee:$1500 per class.
Includes the loan of the Japanese collection, the field trip bus, and all materials and instruction.

Little Builders

Little Builders

Little hands design with blocks, build box models, and create ideal communities in four one-hour sessions. Students discover the parts of a building in a neighborhood walk, learn about balance and symmetry through the Froebel blocks, create public and residential models, and work together to design a community.

Recommended for grades K-2

Fee: $400 per classroom
Round-trip mileage additional

Field Trips

The Frank Lloyd Wright Trust is pleased to serve young people as part of its educational mission.

School groups must provide at least one adult chaperone for every 15 students. Required chaperones are admitted free of charge.

For more information on school group services and tour policies, or to purchase tickets, contact our Group Tour Coordinator at 312.994.4041 or