How does my membership support the Trust’s mission?

Membership revenue provides unrestricted support for the Trust's education programs, and restoration and preservation projects that help renew Frank Lloyd Wright’s vision for future generations.

How can I reach the Membership Department?

Membership department staff can be reached at 312.994.4013 or 
from 9 am–5 pm Central Time, Monday–Friday.

How long does it typically take to receive my membership packet?

Your membership packet will arrive approximately two weeks after you place your order.

I am planning a visit in less than two weeks and would like to become a member. What should I do?

It is best to become a member of the Trust before your visit. You may not receive your membership card in the mail, however, you are immediately eligible for all your member benefits. You may join on our website or by calling the Membership Department. Once you are a member, you may make advance reservations for tours by calling our Ticket Sales Line at 312.994.4000 x1. The Ticket Sales Line is available from 9 am–5 pm Central Time, 7 days a week.

Do I receive reciprocal admission or benefits at other museums and historic sites?

Yes, all Trust members receive benefits of the Time Travelers Historical Museum Reciprocal Membership Program, which offers free or discounted admission to more than 250 history and house museums. At the Prairie Society and higher levels, members receive free admission or discounts at 31 participating Wright sites, such as Fallingwater and the Guggenheim Museum.

Can I visit other Frank Lloyd Wright sites with my membership? Which sites can I visit?

Join the Trust at any of our Society membership levels to participate in the Frank Lloyd Wright National Reciprocal Sites Membership Program, which offers free or discounted admission to 31 additional Wright sites around the U.S.

Why does the Trust need my email address?

Most of our event invitations and notices are sent via email in order to save printing and postage expenses as well as reduce the consumption of paper products. Please be sure to sign up with your email address and update it when necessary.